Ryan Thomas AndersenDirector/Writer/Editor/Cinematographer

A single dad who works as a freelance wedding photographer to pay the bills, Ryan Thomas Andersen has always aspired to become a filmmaker. When his 6-year-old son Gavin came along, the dream was put on hold — if only for a moment.  Now the pair is teaming up in their first real project together. It’s a labor of love for this father and son duo, and thanks to the ad’s clever storyline, Gavin finally gets the ‘working’ time machine he has been begging his father to build him.

Raj Suri - Producer/Co-Writer

A professional nerd by day (system analsyst for Intel), and a film dude by night. Raj has a degree in Computer Science from Virginia Tech but film and acting have always been his passion.  This is the 4th year in row that Raj has teamed up with Ryan Andersen to produce a Doritos commercial. "I don't know that I've ever been prouder of a spot." says Raj.  

Raj recently wrapped on an comedy SAG Indie TV Pilot as a lead character. He has also acted in several commercials and independent films.  If you are fan of bad acting and terrible accents, then be sure to check this guy out at  

Daved Wilkins - " Mr. Smith" / Co - Writer


An actor. "I think I can be pretty cool to hang out with. My wife agrees. Sometimes." 

 Since Daved was a kid he has always enjoyed making people laugh "if I can do that for the rest of my life I'll be a happy guy." His grandma was a silent film actress as a kid and always told Daved acting, was the business for him. His wife agrees.  The first time Daved got paid to be an actor, was doing theatre in Austin, TX back in 1997. Then a bunch of crazy life happened and it was suddenly 2008 and Daved was living in Tucson, AZ later  quitting his job shortly after and walked in to a melodrama musical dinner theatre and sang a song and they said you're hired.  After that Daved, and his wife got a dog named George and drove up to Phoenix and Daved got an agent named Terri and started doing local commercials. That is about when Hollywood came calling.


Stephen Gresser -

Social Media Manager/
 Production Assistant

Tommy Shaeffer -


Ben Boutwell -

VFX/Editing Consult


Hogan Andersen - "Dog"

Jim Coates - "Old Man Jim"

Gavin Andersen - "Jimmy"